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I am a non-UK EU national employed by the University – what are the implications of Brexit for me?

At present, EU citizens continue to enjoy the benefits of freedom of movement including the right to settle and work in another member state.  EU citizens working in the UK can continue to live and work here at least until such time as the UK leaves the EU.  This has been confirmed in a government statement which you can view here.  Any long term changes to the status of EU workers will depend on future decisions made by the UK government, and agreed through discussion with the EU.

What are my options in terms of applying for some form of registration to record the fact that I am a non-UK EU national living and working in the UK?

If you wish to apply for residency or the permanent right to stay in the UK, you must make a personal application.  Further information can be found at:

Prove your right to live in the UK as an EU citizen.  Further information can be found at:

Apply for a UK residence card.  Further information can be found at:

Apply for British nationality.  Further information can be found at:

Where can I get further information regarding my personal circumstances?

If you have any questions about the EU Referendum result and its specific impact on you, please get in touch with your School/Directorate HR Officer in the first instance.  Whilst we may not be in a position to answer all your questions, we are anxious to know and understand your queries and engage with you directly.  HR Contact Details.

Further Support

We appreciate that these are uncertain times for our non-UK EU colleagues and would like to offer a reminder that there are a number of sources of support and assistance across the University.  Please get in touch with your School/Directorate HR Officer in the first instance.  HR Contact Details.

What will change when the UK formally leaves the UK?

Many things remain uncertain following the EU Referendum decision.  However, the government has published a statement confirming that it expects the legal status of EU citizens living in the UK to be properly protected once we leave the EU.  You can read the full statement here

What is the impact on current and future EU-funded research projects? 

The UK is still a member of the European Union.  UK based organisations continue to have the same right to participate in EU funding programmes and we strongly encourage you to continue to take advantage of these opportunities. 

The Chancellor of the Exchequer confirmed on 13 August 2016 that all H2020 funded projects signed off prior to the official date of UK exit from the EU will be fully honoured and funded.  The statement is available at

If you wish to discuss any aspect of an H2020 application or current project, please contact your Research Development Manager through Research and Innovation Services.