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Appointment and Review of Deans of Schools

Appointment of Deans

1.  The appointment of Deans is a matter delegated by Court to the Principal.

2.  A Dean shall be appointed to each School, and he or she shall have overall oversight and executive management of the activities of the School.

3.  Appointments to the role of Dean of School shall normally by made by way of external competition.

4.  Where an Acting Dean of School is considered desirable or necessary during any period of vacancy, the Principal shall discuss with the Senior Management Team how such a role should be appointed.  In doing so, the Principal shall have due regard to ensuring that all potential internal candidates, known or unknown, have an opportunity to be considered for the role, and that any form of selection for such a role is fair and transparent. No Acting Dean of School shall be appointed for more than one year without formal review.

5.  The composition of the panel shall normally conform to the following pattern:

If unforeseen circumstances prevent any member or members of the panel from exercising their role at interview, the Principal shall seek advice from the Director of Human Resources on whether the interview can proceed.

6.  As part of the selection process, candidates shall be required to make a presentation to an audience comprising panel members along with staff and students from the School in question.  The views of the audience on the performance of the candidates shall be canvassed by one of the members of the panel, usually the Vice-Principal (Provost), and relayed to the panel to inform their deliberations.

7.  In identifying individuals to serve on the panel, due regard shall be given to ensuring a balanced membership in terms of accepted principles of equality and diversity.  In considering membership of the panel, due regard shall be given to avoiding conflicts of interest.

8.  The appointing panel shall shortlist preferred candidates and interview those shortlisted.

9.  On conclusion of its work, the panel shall have authority to make an appointment.

WS4, 1/4/15, updated May 2016

Review of Decanal Appointments


  1. If there is an opportunity for the Dean's appointment to be extended, a meeting will take place between the Vice-Principal (Provost), and the Dean in the 4th year of a Dean's appointment to establish whether the Dean wishes to be considered for a further period of office.
  2. If the Dean does wish to continue in post, the Vice Principal (Provost), will meet with the Principal to confirm that a review of the Dean's appointment is required and to discuss timescales with regard to consultation with the School Board.
  3. An announcement will be made at the next School Board that a review of the Dean's appointment will take place to consider a re-appointment for a further period in office and to confirm the consultation process. Views will be sought from School Board members.
  4. A formal meeting will take place between the Principal and Vice-Principal (Provost), to consider results of the consultative exercise.
  5. The Principal will, having taken into account feedback from the Vice-Principal (Provost), and School Board, make a decision as to whether an extension of appointment will be offered to the Dean and, if so, whether this will be for another full-term (5 years) or for a shorter period.
  6. The Principal will meet with the Dean and Vice Principal (Provost), to provide feedback on the review process and to confirm whether a further period in office is to be offered.
  7. The School Board will be advised of the offer to be made.
  8. Written confirmation will be sent to the Dean confirming details of re-appointment if appropriate.