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Post Approval Process

Post Approval Process...

Voluntary Severance 2015

On Monday, 8th June 2015, Court agreed to re-open Voluntary Severance from 12th June 2015 until 30th June 2015 to Academic Staff within: College of Arts and Social Sciences Guidance notes regarding the scheme and the Application Form are available at Voluntary Severance 2015 - Academic. Please note that only applications received from the areas listed above will be considered at this time.   Pamela A Milne 12 June 2015...

Deans Vacancies

To All Academic Staff It has been agreed that the following Deans positions, in the new structure, are to be open to all academic staff.  These are: Dean of Humanities - Job Description‌ Dean of Science and Engineering - Job Description Dean of Medicine - Job Description   Candidates will also be asked to give a 15 minute presentation to the relevant academic staff from the schools listed above, on the following topic: “Outline how you will measure and manage performance in your new School, in order to achieve your vision for the School”.   Presentations: 12 June 2015 - PM -...

CRPs 2015

Contribution Related Points are the salary levels beyond the top of each grade on the university payscales.  Contribution Related Points are awarded on a permanent basis to recognise outstanding performance. A policy for the award of Contribution Related Points (CRPs) has been agreed with the campus unions.  Staff eligible for nomination for CRPs will be staff who are either at the top of their grade in the current year (i.e. as of 1 January 2015) or who are already on a CRP (as a result of the Framework assimilation).  There will be no self nominations accepted and only cases put forward by...

HERA Maintenance Procedure 2015 - UPDATE

The HERA Maintenance Procedure is the procedure by which staff and Deans of School/Directors /College Secretaries can request a grading review of existing academic related and support staff roles ( Given the on-going re-structuring exercise across the institution, the University has decided that there will be no HERA Maintenance round this year (2015).  This was discussed at SMT and agreed with each of the campus unions at the recent Local Joint Committees. If staff remain in the same post after the restructuring exercise and are then considered und...