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Contribution Related Points (2014)

Merit Awards - Contribution Related Points/Accelerated Advancement are the salary levels beyond the top of each grade on the university payscales.  Contribution Related Points are awarded on a permanent basis to recognise outstanding performance. A policy for the award of Contribution Related Points (CRPs) has been agreed with the campus unions.  Staff eligible for nomination for CRPs will be staff who are either at the top of their grade in the current year (i.e. as of 1 January 2014) or who are already on a CRP (as a result of the Framework assimilation).  There will be no self nominations...

Launch of Voluntary Severance Scheme 2014 for Academic Staff

I write to inform you that the Voluntary Severance Scheme recently approved by Court is now open to academic staff only. The VS Scheme and procedure can be found at: The University’s Transformation Agenda and the supporting School and College strategies may have the potential to impact upon staffing levels as a result of organisational change.  The University’s financial position will also drive change to ensure that investment can be made in key areas that support Transformation.  The University recognises that whi...