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Swine Flu - An update - 10 July 2009

There have now been a small number of cases of members of the University community having been diagnosed with swine flu. This is unsurprising given the University's large number of staff and students and the fact that infection levels are increasing in the general population. These rising infection levels have seen Scotland, like the rest of the UK, take a decision to move to a 'treatment' rather than 'containment' approach to tackle pandemic flu.   Current guidance states that: If you have flu-like symptoms of a more severe nature (whether or not potentially connected with swine flu) and these cause...

An update - Swine Flu, and how this affects the University

I write to confirm that the University continues to monitor the swine flu situation through the planning group which is meeting on a regular basis. The Scottish Government remain optimistic that the containment strategy is proving successful. However, the key message now is that we all remain vigilant, particularly with regard to the health and hygiene guidelines which are being widely publicised. The current advice covers the following key points: The use of tissues to catch a cough or sneeze along with regular hand washing to stop germs spreading. Some helpful posters to remind staff and students of the...

Swine Flu, and how this affects the University

For several years the UK and Scottish Governments have been advising organisations to prepare for a pandemic. Both governments are very well prepared and we, in line with other universities, have developed our own contingency plans for the University of Dundee. We have a group which oversees our planning and will provide advice and guidance to the University community. We are also monitoring government advice and particularly that relating to overseas travel. The following links provide good sources of up to date information: NHS 24 : Health Protection A...

Electronic versions of the Staff Record Form now available

Electronic versions of the Staff Record Form now available in all formats (PDF, Word, TXT and RTF). See our Forms web page under S....

Online Equality and Diversity Training

University Court has supported and approved the proposal that the University commit all staff to undertake a mandatory training programme on equality and diversity. Find out more about the online Equality and Diversity training programmes....