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Age Diversity Guidelines

Age diversity offers positive advantages for the University, just like any other sort of diversity in work and life and treating people fairly, regardless of age, is central to the principles of our business. Find out more about the University Age Diversity Guidelines....

Assimilation Exercise 2006 (information for staff)

The University has been negotiating the implementation of the Framework Agreement for the Modernisation of Pay Structures with the three campus unions (DUCU, Amicus and UNISON). DUCU have put the agreement as negotiated at the Framework Working Group to a ballot of their members and this has resulted in an overwhelming acceptance. Find out more information on the Assimilation to New Pay & Grading Structure web page....

Higher Education Staff: Pay Award and Resolution of Industrial Dispute

  At a meeting on 6 June 2006, the Universities and Colleges Employers' Association (UCEA) and the recognised trade unions reached an agreement on pay for the period 2006-9. The main terms of the agreement with regard to pay and a return to normal working are given below. For fuller information on the settlement, please refer to the UCEA website.     Agreed Pay Increases   Pay rates for non-clinical staff covered by HE national agreements will be increased as follows: August 2006 greater of 3% or £515 February 2007 1% August 2007 3% May 2008 greater of 3% or £420 ...

New Contract for Recruitment Services - Temporary (Agency) Staff

This information is no longer available. Please refer to our website as regards our current position regarding Temporary (Agency) Staff....