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Staff Covid-19 Check-in Survey Results

The aim of the first Staff Covid-19 Check-in Survey was to find out how staff think the University has been handling the situation during the coronavirus pandemic, and to gather ideas on what we can do better. We plan to repeat the survey at regular intervals as more staff return to campus.

Please find the results for the June survey here.‌

Many thanks to all those who completed the survey, which was open to all staff, whether working on campus, working from home or furloughed. In total 1,085 responses were received, representing 33% of University employees. Every response is valuable to us and will help shape our actions over the coming months.


Headline findings and proposed actions

1. 64.4% of responders think that the University has handled workplace/work-related issues 'very effectively' or 'effectively' during the coronavirus pandemic.

2. 85.7% responded that they were either 'extremely reassured' or 'reassured' that the University is taking the appropriate health and safety measures to minimise the risks associated with coronavirus.

3. 94.4% said they were satisfied with the regularity of communications from the University.

Action: To maintain the pattern of communications which has been used by the University to date and review the suggestions for improvement submitted by staff as part of the survey.

4. 62.6% stated 'yes' in response to the question 'Do you have all the equipment you need?'.

Action: The delivery of equipment is continuing and although is taking longer than we would like, the requests are being responded to. We hope therefore that we will see this satisfaction level improve further as equipment is delivered and staff begin to return to work. In addition, we are arranging for staff to have some access to their work space to pick up belongings, books, papers, etc. which we hope will also help staff have access to what they need to do their job.

5. With respect to identifying the most important challenges currently facing staff while working from home the following were the most common responses – Work/life balance, Difficulties with physical working environment at home, Feeling socially isolated, and Childcare responsibilities.


  • We will ask managers to consider again parts of the day which could be Teams and/or email free and respond as far as they can to individual circumstances. The Finance Directorate, for example, have established 'core time' of 10am-12pm and 2-4pm for regular or 'standard' meetings and the team have really appreciated that. They have also set up a group tasked with thinking about whether we need to do anything else and what flexible working arrangements may be required as we ease back.
  • OPD are developing a suite of wellbeing and resilience webinars, running from July – September, to enable all staff to continue to work well from home. Please see the OPD newsletter coming out on Monday 13 July for full details and booking instructions. These webinars are in addition to resources to support working from home that are already available on the OPD web pages.

To date OPD have arranged the following:

  • Working from Home with Children
  • How to work Successfully from Home
  • Boosting Resilience in Your Team
  • Yoga at Your Desk

You can also access the Marshall's e-learning suite on Mental Health, Wellbeing, Resilience and Supporting Others on the LearnUpon website.

6. 58.7% either strongly agreed or agreed that they are clear about what they need to deliver over the next 12 months.

7. 83.1% rated the level of support from their line manager during this time as 'about right'.

8. 88.1% stated that they were satisfied with the regularity of communications from their School/Directorate.

Action: We will remind all managers to make sure that OSaR discussions continue to take place to ensure that all staff are clear about what’s expected of them over the next 6 to 12 months and can discuss any support they might need.

9. 39% felt either 'very positive' or 'positive' about returning to the workplace as lockdown measures are eased. 32.7% responded 'neither positive nor negative' and 28.2% responded 'negative' or 'very negative'.

10. 51.9% said they felt either 'very positive' or 'positive' about work today. 35.4% responded 'neither positive nor negative' and 12.7% responded 'negative' or 'very negative'.

The next survey will open from the 13-18 August, please look out for this and do take part.