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Contribution Related Points (2012)

Contribution Related Points are the salary levels beyond the top of each grade on the university payscales.  Contribution Related Points are awarded on a permanent basis to recognise outstanding performance.

A policy for the award of Contribution Related Points (CRPs) has been agreed with the campus unions.  Staff eligible for nomination for CRPs will be staff who are either at the top of their grade in the current year (i.e. as of 1 January 2012) or who are already on a CRP.

There will be no self nominations accepted and only cases put forward by Deans/Directors will be considered.  Staff will only be considered if they have demonstrated excellence in one or more areas of their work and significantly outperformed the requirements within their current HERA role profile.  Please note that only cases of outstanding merit are likely to be approved.

Any submissions for Contribution Related Points must be returned to the College HR Office by Friday 6 July 2012.

To obtain full details of the Contribution Related Points Policy please vist the HR website.

If you have any further queries with regards to this process, please contact your College HR Officer where further advice will be given.

Please note that the opportunity for accelerated advancement is no longer available.  Should this be re-instated in future years, a communication regarding this would be issued to all staff.

Pamela A Milne
Director of Human Resources and Organisational Development

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