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Associate Staff Request Form


An Associate Staff Request Form should be completed for those individuals who are heavily involved in working at and with the University, but who are not employed by it, and who require access to the University's IT network (including email) and Library facilities.

Examples are : Visiting Academics, External Examiners, Externally Funded Researchers, or NHS Medical staff involved in University teaching. (Other associations will of course be considered. Please contact your HR Officer for guidance if you are unsure.

Requests should be submitted by a member of University of Dundee staff who hold a paid contract of employment (i.e. not Associate or Honorary) and who have a suitable level of authority. 

Please note that due to limited resources, any requests made between 11-19 August 2018 will be processed week commencing 20.08.18 & may still require up to 5 morking days to process.  If your request is especially urgent please contact HR-Systems or your HR Officer.

Once an individual has been recorded within the Staff Database, an electronic extract is taken, which will forward his / her details onto UoD IT. At the same time, Human Resources will contact the persons Sponsor, and give them further information as to how to obtain the persons logon details and confirmation of their email address. A letter giving instruction on how to obtain a Staff ID card will also be sent from Human Resources to the Sponsor, to be forwarded to the new Associate.

In order to create an Associate Account, please complete and submit the below form.

Your Details
Any request must come from a member of University of Dundee staff who hold a paid contract of employment (i.e. not Associate or Honorary) and who have a suitable level of authority
Please do not use a 'shared or generic' email address
Associate Status Required For :

Details of Associate Status

Note : With the exception of External Examiners, Associate Status can only be granted for a maximum of 1 year. (It can however be extended via the renewals process.) External Examiners are normally approved for 3 years.

Agency Worker

Agency Worker

As this person is employed through an Agency, Associate Staff Status cannot be given. Please refer to the guidance available on our website: as regards your available options.



As this person is a third party contractor requiring access to University systems, Associate Staff Status cannot be given. They may however be eligible for 3rd Party Access. Please refer the request a non-standard account guide from UoD IT.

Sponsor Details

A sponsor must be a : Senior member of staff / Dean of School / Director

Renewal Documentation to be sent to


If you require any assistance prior to submitting this form, please contact HR Systems on Ext. 81218, or email:

Once you have clicked the submit button, you should review your submission and click Confirm. You will receive a confirmation email of receipt.

If you do not receive a confirmation email advising that your form has been received, please contact HR Systems on Ext. 81218, or email:

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