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Deans of School / School Managers, and Directors of Professional Services

(Information as at March 2018)


School of Art and Design


Dean of School: Professor Paul Harris

School Manager: Mrs Fiona Brown

School Structure

Communication Design
Contemporary Art Practice
Design and Craft
Social Digital
Art and Design Office


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School of Dentistry


Dean of School : Professor Mark Hector

School Manager : Miss Lorraine Robertson

School Structure

Dentistry Office


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School of Education and Social Work


Dean of School: Professor Tim Kelly

Depute Dean of School: Professor Teresa Moran

Associate Dean, Research: Professor Samia Khan

Associate Dean, Quality & Academic Standards: Mr Neil Taylor

Associate Dean, Internationalisation: Dr Richard Ingram

Associate Dean, Learning & Teaching: Mrs Mary Knight

School Manager: Mrs Grainne Barr

School Structure

Community Education
Social Work 
Education and Social Work Office


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School of Humanities


Dean of School: Professor Jim Livesey

Associate Dean, Learning & Teaching: Dr Aliki Varvogli

Associate Dean, Research & Scholarship: Dr Murray Frame

Associate Dean, Knowledge Exchange & Partnerships: Professor Chris Murray

Associate Dean, Internationalisation: Professor Mary Modeen 

Associate Dean, Quality Assurance & Standards: Dr Alan MacDonald

School Manager:  Mrs Brenda Murphy

School Structure

Archive and Information Studies
Continuing Education
Humanities Office


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School of Life Sciences


Dean of School: Professor Julian Blow

Acting Associate Dean, Research:  Professor Claire Halpin

Associate Dean, Professional Culture: Professor Inke Nathke

Associate Dean, Learning & Teaching: Dr Nick Brewer

Associate Dean, Quality & Academic Standards: Professor Jenny Woof

Associate Dean, International: Dr Kim Dale

School Manager: Mrs Maggie Ogston

School Structure

Biological Chemistry and Drug Discovery
Biological Services
Cell and Developmental Biology
Cell Signalling and Immunology
Centre for Advanced Scientific Technologies
Computational Biology
D'Arcy Thompson Unit
Drug Discovery Unit
Gene Regulation and Expression
Geomicrobiology Group
Molecular Microbiology
National Phenotypic Screening Centre
Nucleic Acid Structure
Plant Sciences
Life Sciences Office

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School of Medicine


Interim Dean of School : Professor Rory McCrimmon

School Manager : Dr Laura Lightfoot

School Structure

Cellular Medicine
Health and Clinical Services
Imaging Science and Technology
Molecular and Clinical Medicine
Population Health and Genomics
Postgraduate Medical Education
Systems Medicine
Undergraduate Medical Education
Medicine Office


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School of Nursing and Health Studies


Dean of School : Professor Lynn Kilbride

School Manager : Mrs Jennifer Donachie 

School Structure

Health Sciences
Nursing and Health Sciences Office


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School of Science and Engineering


Interim Dean of School : Professor Annalu Waller

School Manager : Mrs Kathleen Fotheringham

School Structure

Centre for Anatomy and Human Identification
Civil Engineering
Leverhulme Research Centre for Forensic Science
Science and Engineering Office


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School of Social Sciences


Dean of School: Professor Nicholas Fyfe

Associate Dean, Quality Assurance: Dr Alison Reeves

Associate Dean, Research: Professor Lorraine van Blerk

Associate Dean, Learning & Teaching: Professor Graeme Hutton

Associate Dean, Admissions & Student Recruitment: Dr Bill Russell

Associate Dean, Internationalisation: Professor Peter McEleavy

School Manager: Miss Rebecca Leiper

School Structure

Architecture and Urban Planning
Business and Management Studies
Geography and Environmental Science
Politics and International Relations
Water Law
Social Sciences Office


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Professional Services

Academic and Corporate Governance


Director  : Dr Neale Laker

Directorate Structure

Educational Partnerships Development
Quality and Academic Standards


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Estates and Campus Services


Director : Ms Rose Jenkins

Directorate Structure

Estates and Campus Services Office
Botanic Gardens
Estates and Buildings
Precinct Services


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External Relations


Director : Mr Thomas Veit

Directorate Structure

External Relations Office
Access and Participation
Admissions and Applicant Experience
Creative Services
Development and Alumni Relations
Enquirer and Applicant Communications
Global Engagement and Recruitment
Marketing and Communications
Public Engagement and Major Events
Web Services


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Director : Ms Carol Prokopyszyn

Directorate Structure

Finance Office
Accounts Payable
Accounts Receivable
Financial Reporting
Research Finance Services
School Finance


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Human Resources and Organisational Development


Director : Mrs Pamela Milne

Directorate Structure

HR Office
Equality and Diversity and Inclusion
Human Resources
Organisational and Professional Development
Payroll and Pensions
Safety Services


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Institute of Sport and Exercise


Director : Mr Brian Ewing

Directorate Structure

ISE Office
Sport and Exercise
Sports Union


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Library and Learning and Culture and Information


Director : Mr Richard Parsons

Directorate Structure

LLC and CI Office
Centre for Technology and Innovation in Learning
Culture and Information
Research and Resources
Service Delivery


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Research and Innovation


Director : Ms Diane Taylor

Directorate Structure

Research and Innovation Services


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Student Services


Director : Mr Graham Nicholson

Directorate Structure

Student Services Office
Enquiry Hub
Skills Hub
Support Hub


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University Executive Office


Director : Mr Jim McGeorge

Directorate Structure

Business Transformation
NHS Liaison
Strategic Planning


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Director : Dr Jonathan Monk

Directorate Structure

UoDIT Office
Business Services
End User Services
Infrastructure and Security and Research Computing 

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