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Online Training Programme on Equality and Diversity

University Court has supported and approved the proposal that the University commit all staff to undertake a mandatory training programme on equality and diversity. The main aim of the programme is to allow staff to increase their awareness and understanding of the many complex issues involved in this area and to comply with legislative requirements. It has the full backing of all of the recognised University trade unions who have been actively involved in piloting it, and has received the full approval of the relevant University committees. A similar training programme for students is available on My Dundee. The programme's director is Mr Ajit Trivedi, Head of Equality & Diversity, Human Resources.

The training programme is delivered through the following online training modules covering various aspects relating to equality and diversity which have been developed by a company with a proven track record in this field, Marshall ACM Ltd. (The modules will take on average 1 - 2hrs to complete, however, the Diversity in Learning & Teaching, and the Recruitment & Selection modules, may take slightly longer.)

The modules have been designed in line with accessibility requirements (e.g. are compatible with screen reading technology) and individuals can also customise the text size/colour to meet their individual needs by using the accessibility features of their web browser. Further information on how to do this is available from the BBC 'My Web My Way'site.

All staff will be required to complete the following modules:

Staff involved with Learning and Teaching will also be required to complete the following module:

Staff involved in the recruitment and selection of University staff, will also be required to complete the following module:

The Recruitment & Selection module is specifically designed for employees who are involved in the recruitment and selection of University staff. This module reflects current legislation and the University's own practices and procedures.  Should this module apply to you, please ask your Line Manager to request access by contacting, who will amend your Marshall Profile so that this module becomes available to you.

Marshall ACM have already developed and are delivering online training modules in this field for a number of UK universities. We are anxious to ensure that these modules are user friendly, appropriate for the context of our University and easy to understand. To meet these requirements, the modules have been piloted by various staff groups.

Please read the Frequently Asked Questions page before accessing your modules.

To access your modules please login to:

Your account name is your University of Dundee email address.

An email with your account name and initial password will have been sent to your University of Dundee email account.  In the event that you forget your password, you can reset this by visiting, and clicking on the 'forgotten password' link.  From there you will be prompted for your email address.  Enter this, then submit the form.  This will reset your password and an email will be sent to your University of Dundee email address with your new password. 

It is expected that all staff will complete these modules and while module completion rates will be monitored centrally by the Equality & Diversity Office, individuals' performance in the tests which appear in some of the modules, will not.

It is an expectation that all panel members sitting on University Appointing Committees have completed their E&D training modules.  In particular, it is mandatory that the Convenor of the Committee must have completed these.

Any non-technical i.e. non-IT related questions on the training programme should be sent to Any IT related problems should be forwarded to the UoD IT Service Desk at

An alternative training route is available for those staff who cannot access the training online. Please contact Mr Ajit Trivedi, at if you wish to consider this option which was piloted successfully.

Comments related to this training programme are welcomed and should be addressed to