Major Projects

The History Programme currently hosts the following projects:

Great War Dundee (GWD) Commemorative Project 2014-2019

The Great War Dundee (GWD) Commemorative Project  - an Imperial War Museum First World War Centenary Partner - aims to co-ordinate a city-wide approach to the centenary commemoration (2014-2019) of the First World War in Dundee.

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La Mamma: Interrogating a National Stereotype

(AHRC Networks award)

This project is running a series of interdisciplinary workshops which explore the origins, meaning and influence of the stereotype of ‘La mamma italiana’ and, more broadly, how Italian mothers have been represented both in Italy and beyond over the last two centuries.

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Extreme Weather and Patterns of Emigration: Scotland, 1770-1988

(SSHRC Insight Development Grant)

This project tests for relationships between extreme weather and migration flows, focusing on the main periods of heightened emigration: 1840s, 1881-90, 1911-30, 1950s-1960s.

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Agriculture and Teind Reform in Early Modern Scotland

(Funded by the Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland)

This is a two-year project that began in September 2015, a collaboration between the Universities of Edinburgh and Dundee.  The project looks at 'teinds', a traditional church tax on agricultural produce, asking how far teind reform contributed to economic modernity in Scotland.

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Scottish Towns and Urban Society in the Age of the Enlightenment c.1745 - 1820

Scottish Towns and Urban Society in the Age of the Enlightenment c.1745 - 1820(AHRC Research Project awarded in 2007) is led by Professors Christopher Whatley and Charles McKean

Scottish towns changed dramatically during the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. They grew in size, and altered in character.