Research Reputation

We are a dynamic group of researchers interested in the social, economic, cultural and political history of the early and late modern periods. We have specialists in Scottish, Irish, American, European, African, Indian and global history. Our activities group around two research centres, the Scottish Centre for Global History and the Centre for Scottish Culture, and research clusters themed by War and Peace, Public History, Social Justice and Crime History and Writing.

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The excellence of our research has been demonstrated in many ways, including our winning of various prizes, awards and an excellent record of securing research funding.

Our research covers a range of areas, with acknowledged expertise in the areas of:

  • Civil rights in America
  • The American Frontier
  • Alcohol and its abuses in India
  • Police complaints in Paris, London and Berlin
  • Criminal justice and culture in Russia
  • Fascist Italy and Gender history
  • The Union of 1707 and Scottish Nationalism
  • Scots in England, the Caribbean, and in the Diaspora
  • Scotland's early modern political and environmental history
  • Highland health and poverty
  • The Gael and the State in the 18th century
  • Modern political history of South Africa
  • Irish public history
  • 'Spain's Dark Ages', 1665-1746
  • Dutch overseas expansion in the Early Modern period
  • Global intellectual history

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History at Dundee is based within the School of Humanities, which includes colleagues from the disciplines of English, Philosophy and Languages. Interdisciplinary research is promoted and encouraged within the University of Dundee.

Postgraduate Opportunities

We offer taught and research-based postgraduate degrees in British, European and American history from the early modern period to the present which attract full-time and part-time postgraduate students from the UK and overseas.

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We have a range of active projects reflecting the wide range and interdisciplinarity of our research interests.

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We run a programme of Research Seminars during the year - open to everyone.

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