HIC’s Software Service provide bespoke secure data collection systems to support research projects, or an extensive longer-term data collection.

Bespoke Software and Web-based Data Collection

HIC’s Software Service is a uniquely placed service which combines familiarity and expertise of NHS data with the development of tailored software and data management solutions across both NHS and University networks.

HIC can create and securely host:

Study questionnaire data entry forms:

  • Either web-based or paper-based (or both), with OCR scanning and quality checking of entered data.

UK-wide NHS-network clinical data collection software:

  • To support the creation of clinical systems and valuable disease-specific research data resources.
  • Allow collaborative data collection across health boards, with local-specific access controls.

Multi-centre data collection:

  • Large scale through web-based software applications.
  • On-line feedback report capability.