The Administrative Data Research Centre - Scotland HIC

The Administrative Data Research Centre - Scotland is part of the ESRC’s Administrative Data Research Network, which aims to ‘give accredited researchers access to linked, de-identified administrative data in a secure environment’.

As part of ADRC-S commitment to service improvement, it is now providing more safe settings, where researchers can access the data, across Scotland. The first of these is based at the Health Informatics Centre, Dundee and is expected to open in April 2017.

The centre has expertise in the theory, methods and policy of linking records for secondary uses including:


  • Public engagement, ethics, information governance and law;
  • Linking and analysing large datasets;
  • Geocoding, natural language processing and machine learning;
  • Crime and criminal justice, education and social services. 

For more information on where you can access ADRC-S data please contact 0131 651 7843.