All HIC processes are governed by HIC Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

New versions of the HIC SOPs are created in consultation with and approved by NHS Data Governance staff.

 ISO 27001 Certification Europe ISO 27001
HIC Security Policy v2 HIC Security Policy
HIC Services SOP 01 - Data Security v9 HIC Data Security
HIC Services SOP 02 v2 Data Access Approvals
HIC Services SOP 03 v5 Handling Significant Events
‌HIC Services SOP 04 Archiving a project dataset v4  Archiving a Project Dataset
HIC Services SOP 05 - CIB Security v3 CIB Security
HIC Services SOP 06 - CIB Staff Training and Monitoring v3 CIB Staff Training & Monitoring
HIC Services SOP 07 - CIB Record of Custody v3 CIB Record of Custody
HIC Services SOP 08 v3 CIB Document Scanning & Shredding
HIC Services SOP 09 - CIB Data Entry Quality Control v4 CIB Data Entry Quality Control
HIC Services SOP 10 - Audit of HICs ISMS v4 Audit of HIC Information Security Management System - ISMS
SOP 11 Maintenance of IT Infrastructure v6 Maintenance of IT Infrastructure
SOP 12 Recruitment Projects v4  CIB Recruitment Projects
HIC Services SOP 13 - New Staff Data Security Training New Staff Data Security Training
HIC Services SOP 14 - Quality Control V3.1 Quality Control
HIC Services SOP 15 v4 Software Development
HIC Services SOP 16 - Change Management Change Management
HIC Services SOP 17 v5 SOP Preparation
HIC Services SOP Appendix A - Policy Appendix A: Policy
 HIC Services SOP Appendix B v3  Appendix B: Definitions
HIC Services SOP Appendix C Contacts and Roles v2 - redacted Appendix C: Contacts & Roles