HIC offers a range of integrated research support services, building on existing teams and expertise in collecting, managing and providing information within a secure environment.

These follow the life-cycle of a typical data-collecting research project, as illustrated below and can be provided as a comprehensive support package or as individual services.

HIC Services

The services HIC can provide are:

Providing aggregate figures of study feasibility and potential study recruitment from HIC data sources. This is provided as part of the Data Linkage Service (DLS) by applying study inclusion and exclusion criteria against HIC data sources across the Fife and Tayside population.



Preparing and sending bespoke project recruitment mailings and questionnaires, using dedicated volume print, fold/insert equipment




Tracking the entire recruitment process on the online HIC Recruitment Tracker system. This allows data users to monitor progress of the contact/mailing/response process and is customised for each study.



Designing bespoke web-based data collection software tools ranging from simple questionnaires to secure NHS clinical collections, Scotland-wide disease-specific registers and large multi-site EU data collections. 




Data entry of project data from paper forms, or adding missing data to study datasets, e.g. CHI. Scanning and shredding paper data, e.g. consent forms. HIC follows secure transfer-of-custody procedures with the receiving and returning of paper data. 




Follow-up of study participants for health outcomes and end points, e.g. hospital events or death, is easier and less expensive to use existing electronic health records than attempting re-contact.