The Management Team

HIC Director: Dr Emily Jefferson is the Director of HIC Services and has responsibility for the overall management, technical direction and leadership for a team of software developers and data analysts within HIC and those co-located within specific research groups. She is also an active researcher in medical informatics.

Clinical Lead: Professor Bruce Guthrie is a clinical academic and GP. He is the Clinical Lead of the service bringing expertise in the use of routinely collected data for research, statistical analysis of data, data governance and patient safety.

Data Linkage Service Manager: Mr Chris Hall is a specialist in linked data and the secure provision of data. He also acts as HIC’s Technical Customer Relationship Manager.

Application Development Projects Manager: Mr Keith Milburn is responsible for the day to day systems development within HIC Services. He also manages and oversees HIC’s Data Entry team which facilitate research project recruitment.

Governance and Finance Manager: Mr Duncan Heather is a specialist in the Governance process and its requirements . He also has oversight and overall responsibility for the Finance flow for HIC.

Software Architect: Thomas Nind is currently overseeing the development work behind the Research Data Management Platform. He is also working on the linkage of imaging data with other datasets, such as electronic health records, and their subsequent provision to researchers within a safe haven environment. The size and distributed nature of the imaging datasets, linkage requirements, variety of researcher use-cases, and data governance issues will require novel engineering solutions.


HIC has close collaborative links with NHS Tayside and NHS Fife with data sharing agreements to host and process NHS data for research purposes on their behalf.

HIC Services will be invaluable to the new Academic Health Science Network which aims to bridge the gap between the NHS and the University. HIC works within the University’s OneIT solution and mentors the junior programmers of TCTU and the Tissue Bank to facilitate a combined team with Informatics expertise within the school, where knowledge and software code is shared.
The meeting schedule for the governance of HIC is as follows:

Monthly : 

HIC Exec: The managers meet along with the infrastructure team at the monthly HIC Executive Meeting. Operational issues are monitoring and reviewed during this meeting. Reports into the other groups.

Bi-Monthly : 

HIC Strategic Oversight Group: This meeting is to provide advice towards strategic direction for HIC

Bi-Annually : 

HIC Information Governance Committee: Provide support in data related governance issues. This meeting includes NHS representatives and Data Controllers.