Trevor Carpenter

Senior Programmer/Data Engineer


Prior to coming to Dundee Dr Trevor Carpenter worked on the numerical simulation of fish farms, modelling both physical and bio-geo-chemical processes. This work is an important part of the effective regulation of Aquaculture and is used both within the Scottish industry, the Mediterranean and the Americas. Trevor worked previously on medical imaging data as part of a research team at Edinburgh university supporting a nuber of studies developing systems to automate data management and image processing. He also developed algorithms to assess the perfusion status of tissue (using deconvolution) and co-supervised two PhD projects in image processing.


Trevor currently works on connecting and communicating with clinical systems, in particular with picture archiving and communication systems (PACS). This connectivity is key to providing imaging data that can be linked to other information about a cohort; such combined data sets have enormous potential in terms of clinical research which can ultimately benefit patients. He also supports the Tissue Bank group of projects, working with colleagues to implement new features in response to changing customer needs. Tissue bank is an important resource which supplies the materials required to answer basic questions about disease processes.