CO-CONNECT (COvid - Curated and Open aNalysis aNd rEsearCh platform)


The aim of CO-CONNECT is to build the data infrastructure to ensure researchers have the necessary information to answer fundamental questions around how immunity may help prevent future spread of the virus in schools and workplaces, how best to treat it in hospitals, and generally how long immunity lasts.

The current pandemic has caused over a million deaths globally, severely strained health systems and damaged economies across the world. There is currently limited evidence that people who have recovered from COVID-19 and have antibodies are protected from a second infection and if so, how long that lasts.

Understanding who is immune, and to what level, is vital to protect vulnerable individuals, to safely scale back population-based interventions and for managing disease transmission.


CO-CONNECT seeks to:

  • Provide a mechanism, via the HDR Gateway, to allow researchers to find what relevant datasets reside where and under what access conditions
  • Configure an infrastructure which enables trustworthy, fast, de-identified, secure analysis of data from across multiple organisations
  • Standardise antibody data collection across the UK
  • Align with the National Core Studies programme
  • Answer key questions about immunity to COVID-19 and the implications for patient outcomes.

This is co-lead by University of Nottingham, Public Health England, University of Dundee and University of Edinburgh.


Find out more information on our official website: https://co-connect.ac.uk 

News/Press release:

HIC jointly leading new £4 million data project to accelerate COVID-19 research