Within our Business Support Team we have dedicated staff available for:

Project-specific data entry:

  • Adding missing data, e.g. CHI numbers, GP directions/dates to prescribing dataset for individual study cohort.
  • Patient paper record review and data entry.
  • Entering of study questionnaire results.

Clerical support to studies:

  • Processing mail-outs to potential study participants.
  • Project paper scanning and shredding, e.g. consent forms.

Standard Quality Control method (which will be included in estimates involving):

  • Error checking of the first 10 electronic records entered.
  • Sampling, where every 15th electronic form is error checked.
  • 100% checking of all identified primary data points.

A quality report : 

  • Provided at the end of data entry and at agreed stages throughout the project containing information about the QC method used and number of:
    • Records entered.
    • Records checked.
    • Errors found and corrected.

Transfer of custody

  • template to be used when transferring batches of data(paper) to HIC for data entry or scanning/ shredding, to ensure an accurate record is kept of deliveries.

From the outset HIC will work with the project team to ensure that all needs, where possible, are met and any data entry issues are raised and resolved quickly.