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Healthy Working Lives

what is it?

Healthy Working Lives is an exciting initiative to promote your health and well-being at work.

Issues being addressed include reducing your risk of suffering an injury or ill health at work, supporting staff attendance, addressing mental health and well-being issues, and health promotion activities such as healthy eating, smoking cessation and physical activity.

This initiative is being led by Human Resources and a Working Group has been set up that will report regularly on progress to the HR Committee via H&S reporting lines.

Please bookmark (by pressing Ctrl D) and check this web site since events and activities to promote your health and well-being will be published here on a regular basis.

Further information about the Healthy Working Lives Award Programme can be found at


May 2011 - Healthy Working Lives Website v2 goes live
Feb 2011 - Health check clinics offered to staff
June 2010 - Staff Support Network - 'First Call' launched
Feb 2010 - 240 staff take part in TASCFORCE health checks
12 Dec 2009 - Results of the 2009 Survey
08 Jul 2009 - First meeting of the Working Group
10 Jun 2009 - The University signs up to the Scheme

healthy working lives working group

Details of the healthy working lives working group Next Meeting - To be confirmed


If you have any comments that you think would improve the working life of you or others, please contact us with your feedback

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