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Updated on 23 April 2022

Visitor accounts are available on request by members of staff. If you're visiting one of our campuses, you can connect to eduroam or TheCloud to get free internet access and don't need a visitor account to do so

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Visitors are required to abide by the University’s Regulations and Policies when using our campus wifi networks and/or their visitor account. This includes information security policies if they have access to sensitive University data.

If your visitor(s) only need wifi access

Two wifi networks are available on campus to give visitors free internet access. These alternatives may suit them just fine. We'll leave the decision down to you, the staff sponsor.

eduroam wifi

If your guest(s) is from another University/College with eduroam, they can use eduroam with their home username and password. For example: a guest from the University of Manchester would use and their normal Manchester password on our eduroam wifi.

View the list of eduroam participating institutions‌

The University of Dundee is a Home & Visited eduroam service provider. Visitors using eduroam must comply with the eduroam(UK) policy.

the cloud wifi

If your guest can't access eduroam, they can connect to TheCloud by Sky. This is the same network available in Marks & Spencer, Caffe Nero, Greggs, London Overground, and thousands of pubs, restaurants and other locations throughout the UK.

If they've used TheCloud elsewhere they may already have an account, otherwise, they can register when they first connect.

View hotspots, FAQs, and get Sky support ‌‌

The University of Dundee broadcasts public wifi on behalf of Sky. Visitors using TheCloud must comply with Sky's acceptable use policy.

If your visitor(s) need extended access

IT manage and distribute visitor accounts. These give you temporary access to University IT facilities, including campus PCs, for up to one month.

Who can request visitor accounts?

Visitor accounts can only be issued at the request of University staff members. If you're a visitor or student, you need to ask a staff sponsor to do this for you. We ask staff sponsors to:

  • Give us reasonable notice in the form of a few days to fulfil their request
  • Consider whether a visitor account(s) is necessary before submitting their request

How to submit your request

Submit your request to the Service Desk and include the following information to speed things up:

  • Your name and email address (staff sponsor)
  • How many visitor accounts you need
  • When the visitor account(s) needs to be activated (start date)
  • How long the visitor account(s) needs to be active for (maximum duration is 28 days)

Once we've created the visitor account(s) we'll pass the account details to you, the staff sponsor. You're responsible for organising the handover of these accounts to your visitors.

Ask the Service Desk to create accounts for your visitors