Taxi transfer service for International students

Updated on 3 November 2021

Due to coronavirus travel restrictions, we are offering entrant International students up to £75 towards a taxi from Scottish airports or Dundee bus or rail stations

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To help entrant International students the University will refund up to £75 for a taxi transfer to accommodation.

This is only available to international entrant students this year because of the coronavirus pandemic and the need to ensure safe travel to Dundee. Students who have been in Dundee studying before will be more familiar with transport links and travel options.

Who can use this offer?

To qualify for this offer you need to:

  • have International fee status 
  • be a new (entrant) student, new to the UK (you may not claim expenses if you are a returning International student)
  • travel from a Scottish airport (Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Prestwick)
  • be able to pay in advance and claim back afterwards

Book a taxi transfer

Once you have booked your flight and know your flight number and arrival time you should book a taxi online.

When booking, please make sure that you give the exact address and postcode of the accommodation you are going to (not the main University postcode) and also have this ready to confirm with your driver on arrival.

Our accommodation postcodes
  • Belmont flats - DD1 4HE
  • Belmont Tower - DD1 4HD
  • Heathfield - DD1 5EN
  • Seabraes - DD1 4LA
  • West Park Flats - DD2 1NP
  • West Park Villas - DD2 1NN
  • The Hub - DD1 5DL

We have provided links to a number of online taxi booking solutions. Please review them and choose the one that best meets your needs.

You are free to use another taxi service, or book a taxi over the phone, however make sure that the company sends an email confirmation, and can provide a receipt else we may not be able to pay your claim.

If you arrive at Dundee bus or trail station, phone

  • Tele-Taxis +44 (0)1382 825 825 or 
  • 20 30 20 +44 (0)1382 20 30 20

and ask for a receipt.

Sharing taxis

This service is designed to help reduce the risk from coronavirus. You can only claim up to £75 per taxi journey.

You cannot share a taxi with another student and submit a claim each.

Apply for your refund

You will need to keep an online version of your receipt safe as you will need this to claim your refund.

On arrival in Dundee email who will provide you with details of how to complete your claim form and submit your receipt. If your claim is successful it will be paid by bank transfer.

    Terms and conditions

    Terms and conditions apply to refunds so please read our Key Facts document to check if you can apply.

    Email the Global Room team

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