Support for online teaching delivery

Updated on 25 May 2020

Advice, information, and resources to help you teach from home during the coronavirus situation

On this page

We have a comprehensive eLearning toolkit in place at the University and are confident we can adapt to whatever the situation requires. Please refer back to this page regularly for updates as we get support in place. 

My Dundee organisation

We have created an organisation in My Dundee called eLearning support for instructors. You can also access this through the VLE’s main menu. All staff have been enrolled on it. 

We are building this organisation into a central hub for information, advice, best practice and guides for online teaching delivery. You can also use this organisation to ask us questions, through the discussion board. 

If you are a member of staff who is able to share best practice and even peer-train colleagues, please get in touch with us.  Email 

Digital Champions

We are aware and respect that every school will have its own action plan. Our service aims to complement these. One way we will do this is to establish a Digital Champion in each school. 

Your school should be able to let you know who this is and we will be developing this point of contact in the coming days.

Key eLearning resources

My Dundee: central hub for teaching delivery

My Dundee is our primary online learning environment for all your module content, online assessments, activities and more. It is based on Blackboard Learn and is familiar to students and staff.

Use My Dundee to:

  • maintain a central online hub for your modules
  • manage communication through modules announcements
  • deliver content (files, links, slides etc.)
  • carry out assessments and group work and use other activity tools
  • connect to other services such as YuJa and Turnitin in a single environment.

You will also be able to use:

  • the ‘Blackboard Instructor’ mobile app
  • the student facing ‘Blackboard App’

View the vendor documentation

Collaborate Ultra: Virtual classrooms for live lectures, tutorials and group work

Use to:

  • schedule, pre-set and manage sessions from within your My Dundee modules
  • Browser based - no install required (we suggest Chrome for best results)
  • deliver live lectures* (limited to under 250 participants)
  • provide tutorials, seminars and online group work
  • deliver online classroom activities: breakout rooms, PowerPoint presentations, shared screens, virtual whiteboard
  • automatically record and publish recording of sessions

Sessions can be accessed through the Blackboard mobile app – there is no need for a computer.

We’d advise you consider changing some learning delivery to asynchronous i.e. record something and post it for people to access when they can. 

Many people have been trying to use Microsoft Teams for this purpose. If you are comfortable with this platform and it works for you this is fine, but we recommend that all learning activities use the core eLearning tools that are specifically designed and set up for this purpose. Teams is intended for Staff-only co-ordination.

View the vendor documentation

Yuja: Video recording, editing, publishing, and management platform

Use to:

  • record videos from your computer wherever you are
  • record multiple screens, presentations, audio and video
  • edit videos within YuJa interface
  • publish videos directly into the module channel automatically
  • create shareable links to use like YouTube
  • create video quizzes, attached discussion boards
  • capture an upload via the mobile app for capture an upload
  • allow students to record and publish their own videos
  • provide auto captioning (variable reliability)

View the vendor documentation

General service notes

  • We will be adding to this list of services soon including assessment tools. These are just the priority ones right now so please see the My Dundee Organisation for more info in the coming days.
  • To help facilitate the use of YuJa and Collaborate, we have automatically populated all 19/20 modules with main menu links to these service. This will make getting started much easier. They have been added un-released so you can choose to switch them on to students as you require.

Where to get help and guidance

Online drop-ins

We will deliver twice daily online drop-in sessions for staff to come along and ask questions. These are also a good opportunity to let us know in CTIL what more we can be doing to support you.

  • Every weekday: 10:30 to 11:30
  • Access through the Blackboard Collaborate link: 
  • Engage through chat or use a mic to chip in.


All technical and administrative issues as well as service requests relating to eLearning tools should go through Help4u. UoD IT will route these to CTIL or elsewhere as appropriate. Feel free to add ‘FAO’ CTIL’ at the top of the message.


You can also get hold of the team through email or MS Teams. We understand that this is the easiest way to get hold of us directly but be aware we may take some time to respond and don’t be offended if we ask you to re-submit to Help4u.

eLearning support for instructors