Staying compliant with your Student Visa (formally Tier 4)

Updated on 23 April 2022

This guide is to ensure both you and the University remain compliant with the conditions of sponsorship

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Updated on 22 December 2021

This guide is to ensure both you and the University remain compliant with the conditions of sponsorship
It is important you are compliant because if you are not, your visa might be revoked, which could then affect the University’s Student sponsor status.

Since the UK’s immigration process often changes, you are advised to familiarise yourself and keep up to date with UK Visa & Immigration’s website.

If you have an existing Student visa (formerly Tier 4) issued by another education provider, you cannot use that visa to study here at the University of Dundee. You must have a visa that is sponsored by the University of Dundee.

During matriculation, all visa nationals must provide their original passport and current BRP (Biometric Residence Permit). You must have you BRP to matriculate.
The only exception:

  •  You have sent an application for visa extension to the UKVI to switch institutions. If this is the case you must provide an original letter of receipt from the UKVI.

Terms and conditions

As a sponsored student of the University of Dundee, you are required to comply with the following terms and conditions to enable the University to continue to sponsor you.

Ensure you check your University email account regularly as all correspondence will be done via your account.

Your course/study

You must:

  • ensure you enrol on your course of study within the stated enrolment period and inform the University if you cannot attend your expected enrolment session for any reason
  • attend all mandatory classes and submit course work as required
  • inform your school office if you are unable to attend for any reason
  • comply with your school’s on-course monitoring procedures and respond to correspondence promptly
  • inform the University of Dundee if you intend to defer or suspend your studies (take leave of absence) or withdraw from your programme
  • inform the University of Dundee if you intend to finish your course early

Working during your studies

  • You must not work more than 20 hours per week whilst you are an enrolled student (including the writing-up period).
  • If you are working, under new Home Office regulations, your employer will now need evidence of your eligibility to work - you can request this letter by contacting


You must:

  •  present your original passport and current visa (Biometric Residence Permit) and inform the University if you renew your passport or visa
  • maintain a local address and update your e-vision account promptly of any changes to your local address and telephone numbers
  • ensure you have a relevant and current visa whilst you are enrolled
  • attend right to study checks when requested


Contact if you have questions on the above.

If you defer or suspend your studies, you will be required to leave the UK. Should you break any of the above terms and conditions, the University is required to submit a report to the UKVI and your visa will be curtailed.

Switching sponsor – information for new students

If you are switching to study with us from another institution you will need to make a fresh immigration application with the University of Dundee as your Student visa sponsor.

If you have done this already you will need to provide evidence at matriculation.

If you still need to do this you must contact the International Advice Service (IAS) for guidance as you will not be allowed to matriculate until you have made a valid application to the Home Office.

Progressing to another degree with the same sponsor

If you have recently completed your degree and are choosing to remain with us to study further you will need to make a fresh immigration application extending your Student visa (formerly Tier 4). Current Home Office regulations state that you must make this new application within six weeks of the start of your course.

For immigration advice, contact the International Advice Service. If you need to extend your visa we can provide assistance.

Email us at or drop in to the Global Room between 11 am – 1pm Monday, Wednesday and Friday and between 12 and 1pm Tuesday and Thursday.

Those in other visa categories, outside Student visa (formerly Tier 4) can enrol, such as the Skilled Worker visa (formally Tier 2) and those on Dependant visas. However, if your visa does not last the length of your course, we strongly advise you make an application to switch in to a student visa.

You must discuss any change in your circumstances with your school office or the immigration compliance team. For immigration advice and guidance contact the International Advice Service.


International Advice Service

+44 (0)1382 385676