Staff social and eating spaces

Updated on 2 September 2020

Find out what changes are being made to social and eating spaces, including shared kitchens

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This page is part of a collection of guides which explain the steps we are taking to keep staff and students safe as they return to our campuses from September 2020

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Takeaway and catering facilities

Takeaway and sit-in catering facilities on the City campus and at Kirkcaldy will open nearer the start of term. It is likely that there will be some delay before these facilities are able to reopen fully so staff are encouraged to prepare their own food or use local facilities.  At this time, there are no eateries open on campus except at the Botanic Gardens and Ninewells Campus.

DUSA have indicated that they do not plan to reopen any eateries until the start of the academic year.

Shared staff kitchen areas

Staff workplace eating and food prep facilities can be used when you return to work, so long as you keep to physical distancing measures.

Information will be placed at the entrance points to kitchens and you should not queue or congregate in these areas.

Most kitchen areas will need to be designated as single occupancy for food preparation and washing of plates and cutlery.

It is recommended that you bring in only items that can be eaten cold, or which can be quickly heated in a microwave. You could bring hot drinks to work in a thermos flask to reduce visits to kitchen areas.

Containers and cutlery can be washed in hot water using detergent, but it is recommended that items are dried and taken home - please don't leave them in drawers or cupboards.

For fire safety reasons, under no circumstances should cooking facilities be set up in areas outside of the designated kitchen areas. Individual fridges, microwaves, and kettles also pose a significant fire risk and should not be used.