Setting up Collaborate in My Dundee

Set up a Collaborate session in your My Dundee course

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Creating the link to Collaborate in your module

  1. Open the module that you want to add Collaborate to
  2. In the content area at the top on the left-hand side, click the + icon then select Tool Link
  3. Give the tool link a useful name such as ‘Virtual classroom’
  4. From the Type drop-down menu select 'Blackboard Collaborate Ultra' and tick the checkbox to make Available to Users if you want it available immediately
  5. Click Submit


When you are in the Collaborate Ultra session space you can see that you have a course room available by default. Our advice is to leave this room open so that you can have quick meetings with students without having to set up separate sessions.

  1. Click the Create Session button to create a new session
  2. Open the Event Details menu to give your session a name and set the start and end times
  3. Open the Session settings menu to set up user permissions when they enter the session. We suggest if you select 'Allow recording downloads' then you should also select to 'Anonymise chat messages'. We also recommend for larger groups to remove the default permissions to 'Share audio' and 'Share video'.

Blackboard support pages

Blackboard has some useful help on how to create and edit sessions

Video: Blackboard Collaborate with the Ultra experience user interface tour shows you Blackboard Collaborate with the Ultra experience in action.


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