Returning to work on campus during the coronavirus pandemic if you or a family member have an underlying health condition

Updated on 7 July 2020

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The University aims to ensure that individuals with underlying health conditions which are affected by coronavirus, are protected at this time. Please see government guidance on health conditions affected.

If your manager is aware of your health issues, they will approach you to discuss options with you. If you have a condition which your manager is not aware of then you should arrange an early discussion with them to confidentially raise your concerns.

If you are concerned that catching the virus will have a significant impact for a close family member should you subsequently pass it to them (so for example, a close family member who may be ‘shielding’), then discuss this with your line manager.

Where possible, we will support you in contributing to the work of the University through home working or through alternative off-campus duties.

If your role does not allow for home working, then working at times when fewer staff/students are around or in areas where no staff/students are present will be considered.

If there are no other alternatives the University may permit time off with your regular salary in light of the exceptional circumstances surrounding coronavirus with regular review periods.


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