Moving around campus safely

Updated on 14 September 2021

Learn about the changes we are implementing so that you can move around campus safely

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This page is part of a collection of guides which explain the steps we are taking to keep staff and students safe as they return to our campuses from September 2021

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Inside buildings

When you return to campus, you will notice that there is additional signage in the building to guide you. This will likely be different to what you are used to so please follow the signs.

There will be floor markings and additional directional signage that will indicate how to move around safely. In general we are implementing a ‘keep left’ approach.

In some cases, you may need to take a longer route but these rules will help keep you and others safe. You should not double back (unless you have a Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP) or a disability) and should follow the directional signage. 

You should keep a 1 metre distance from people as much as possible and be respectful of other people’s space.

Office doors may be wedged open, but fire doors within corridors, staircases, or at final exit points from buildings must never be wedged open.

Hand sanitiser will be located at entrances to buildings and you are encouraged to use this every time you enter and exit. In larger buildings, additional stations may be available.

Ninewells campus

At the Ninewells campus there is also a general ‘keep left’ approach and signs will indicate how to move around safely. Some areas do have one-way systems in place – especially near to ward areas. You should look out for signage and follow this wherever possible.


Staircases in buildings have been reviewed and sorted into three categories:

  1. Where there are multiple staircases in a building, specific stairs will either be designated ‘up’ or ‘down’ and these instructions are to be followed by all users.
  2. Where there is a 2m wide (or greater), single stair, you will be requested to keep left.
  3. Where there is a single, narrow stair, you should shout and check before ascending or descending and use your common sense to navigate the space. If you meet someone on the stairs, pass each other quickly and do not hold conversations where you cannot maintain physical distancing.


You should avoid using any lifts unless you need to do so, i.e. if you have a disability or a condition affecting mobility, respiratory, heart, or other limiting health condition, or you are moving goods between floors

Lifts in all buildings at the City and Kirkcaldy campus will be for 1 person only, unless a carer is required to assist a user, which is covered by a Personal Emergency Evacuations Plan (PEEP) or there is a specific health and safety need which is covered by a Risk Assessment and Method Statement (RAMS).

In all cases, we ask everyone to be sensible and use their judgement to keep themselves and other building users safe at all times.

Ninewells campus

Lifts at the Ninewells campus will have floor markings indicating the total occupancy. All staff using lifts at Ninewells should follow the signage.

Personal Emergency Evacuations Plan (PEEP)

If you have a PEEP you may need to double back to get to lifts or to shorten your route as a requirement of your PEEP.  Disability Services and Line Managers must work with staff and students who have a PEEP or a disability prior to returning to any building to find an adequate solution.  No other person may double back or shorten their route at any time.

PEEPs must therefore be reviewed for any person who has one.

Exiting buildings

You may have to use an exit which is not familiar. You will be asked to follow the signs and be prepared to walk a longer distance to get out of the building.  We do understand this may not be as convenient as before, but doing so will help keep all building users safe.

If you have a disability, you may find that this adds greater difficulties. Managers should therefore address these concerns and help to find an appropriate solution.

Your exit may be through an external fire door. Please ensure that these doors are fully closed behind you when you leave the building.