Personal training

Updated on 23 April 2022

Personal training is delivered in the gym by our highly qualified and experienced personal trainers.

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Whether you are new to the gym or an experienced gym-goer looking for better results we can help!

We have a range of packages available making this additional cost service affordable and accessible to all. You can even share the PT session with a friend who has the same training goals.

Ignition Acceleration Full throttle
  • One off session
  • Ideal for learning new exercises and techniques
  • Good for having progress checked
  • Three training sessions
  • Great for getting started
  • Safe and effective training at reduced rates
  • Real results over six sessions
  • Motivation and support over a set timeframe
  • Promotes life changing habits
One 60 minute session is £35 Three 60 minute sessions are £90 Six sixty minute sessions are £160



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