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Updated on 22 January 2021

Ideally you should attend your own doctor (GP) for healthcare, however if you are having difficulty getting an appointment the University doctor may be able to help

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Everyone should be registered with a doctor (GP) close to where you live.

Ideally you should attend your own GP for your healthcare especially if you have a long term condition.

If you are not registered with a doctor or you are having difficulty getting an appointment, the University doctor can be available for the following:

  • minor illnesses/injuries
  • general health advice
  • elective/sports medicals
  • sexual health advice
  • mental ill health

We are unable to issue prescriptions but treatment for minor illnesses and infections can be arranged.

During coronavirus (Covid-19) restrictions appointments will be mainly be held by telephone or Microsoft Teams video chat.

If we need to be see you in person arrangements will be made for this. Do not attend the department unless advised to do so by Health Service staff.

Request an appointment

To make an appointment please contact Norma/Louise

Norma / Louise

Health Service Administrators

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