Looking after your physical and mental health

Updated on 9 June 2020

Advice and guidance on looking after your physical and mental health during the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic

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As we work through these challenging times, and while we are busy looking after our students, colleagues, friends and families, we must also look after ourselves and do what we can to support our own wellbeing.

The challenges of completely different ways of working for many of us are not diminishing. We have to prepare for what is likely to be more weeks and perhaps months of restrictions on our work and social lives.

Please do remember to do the basic things in terms of managing your health and wellbeing:

  • take regular breaks
  • take regular exercise
  • eat healthily
  • reach out to friends and family for support

Resources available to support your physical and mental health

The Institute of Sport and Exercise are providing regular tips and posts on physical and mental wellbeing on FacebookTwitter and Instagram and their staff are also available for any questions you may have about remaining active over this period.

You may also find the Government guidance on the mental health and wellbeing aspects of the current situation useful, while a number of external organisations are offering support at this time, such as:

Advice and guidance on working from home, workstation set up and some injury prevention tips can be accessed from Safety Services.

Also OPD have carefully selected some useful resources which you may find helpful to support you during this time including supporting your physical and mental health.


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