How to claim a rent rebate for University Residences

Updated on 24 February 2021

Further information on how to claim any rent rebate that you feel as a student is due and how the University will process that claim

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The Principal noted in his communication of 14 January 2020 that the University has decided to offer partial rent rebates for students living in University Residences for a specific time.

This notice sets out further information on how to claim any rent rebate that you feel as a student is due and how the University will process that claim.


Face to Face Teaching
Any teaching in whole or in part of an applicable programme taught in person by University staff on campus that is not virtual.
Initial Applicable Period
From 9 January until 1 March 2021 (inclusive) or such time as Face to Face Teaching recommences whichever is earlier.
Rent due under a relevant Tenancy Agreement
Scottish Government
The devolved government of Scotland.
A matriculated student of the University.
Tenancy Agreement
A tenancy agreement between a Student and the University
The University of Dundee
University Residences 
Means a residence provided under a Tenancy Agreement.

What is the University offering?

The University is willing to offer a rebate of Rent to qualifying Students in University Residences for the Applicable Period.

This offer is only open to qualifying Students using University Residences. If you are using another accommodation provider, please contact your landlord.

Why is the University offering this?

We think it is fair to offer our Students in University Residences a rebate in the current circumstances as they cannot take up their accommodation due to having to comply with the restrictions of the Scottish Government which have been put in place in the interest of public health to fight the Covid-19 pandemic and are legally binding.

How do I qualify for a rebate as a Student?

The rebate is currently open to qualifying Students only.

A Student must be unable to travel or take up occupation of their University Residence during the Initial Applicable Period due to the Scottish Government Covid-19 travel restrictions.

If you have been using a University Residence during the Initial Applicable Period (in whole or in part) or are currently using a University Residence you will not qualify for a rebate. 

How do I claim the rebate?

As a qualifying Student in University Residences, you will be able to request a rebate by completing a short questionnaire. We will send you a link to complete the survey.

Rebates will be credited to ‘My Balance’ and are for whole weeks (from Saturday to Saturday).

Please note that the University reserve the right to reclaim any refunds and take further disciplinary action if you provided false dates of your return to campus.

Is there a time limit for making a claim?

Yes. The University expects all claims for a rebate to be made by latest 1 March 2021 unless there are exceptional circumstances which apply.

When will I be paid my rebate?

We will begin to process rebates after the survey closes on 1 March 2021.

What action will the University take with my unoccupied University Residence?

Please be aware that if you have advised us that if you have not returned, property management will access your accommodation for urgent Health and Safety and statutory maintenance such as water flushing.

What happens if Scottish Government restrictions go beyond 1 March 2021 which prevent me from travelling?

The current offer relates to the Initial Applicable Period which ends on 1 March 2021.

We continue to monitor the Scottish Government’s guidelines and restrictions and are in contact with them. Face to Face Teaching is expected to recommence on 1 March 2021 and the University is preparing for that.

Should that expectation change via action taken by the Scottish Government, the University is willing to review the Initial Applicable Period that the rebate of Rent relates to.


Margaret Wyllie

Residences Officer