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Updated on 3 September 2021

New, existing, and returning international students can claim back the cost (up to £2,285) of managed quarantine when arriving from Red list countries.

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The current requirement of the UK and Scottish Governments is that if you are travelling from red list countries you will have to stay in hotel quarantine accommodation at your port of entry to the UK.

We are now in a position to confirm arrangements for international students due to arrive from those countries which are on the Red list set out by the UK Government.

The University will meet the cost of managed quarantine (a maximum of £2,285) for new, existing, and returning international students travelling to Dundee to engage in on-campus learning. This is available if you are travelling from your home country (the country where you were located when you applied to study at the University).

Our support package is designed to cover that cost to you.

Other support is in place if you are travelling to Dundee from countries on the UK’s amber and green lists.


How to claim back your costs

You will need to pay for the managed quarantine yourself directly through the Government's hotel quarantine booking service website.

Following completion of your quarantine and your arrival and matriculation in Dundee, you can then submit your application for the refund.

To submit your application for the refund, download the instructions and form at the link below. The completed form plus supporting evidence should be emailed to If the University is satisfied regarding your eligibility for a refund, this will be paid directly into a UK bank account held in your name. Refunds will usually be processed within 4 weeks following confirmation of eligibility.

You will need to provide:

  • receipt of payment for the managed quarantine
  • confirmation that the accommodation is booked in your name
  • confirmation of your flight details with your name clearly displayed on the travel documents

Which dates of travel are included?

We will meet the costs of hotel quarantine for those arriving from red list countries to attend in-person teaching or research programmes at any point in the first semester (until 17 December 2021).

You can only make a single claim for the cost of managed quarantine within the first semester.

If you have already received a refund for managed quarantine, and then leave the UK and return from a Red List country, you will have to cover any future managed quarantine costs yourself. We will keep this position under review.

You will not able to claim if you travelled to the UK and had to use hotel quarantine before 8 July 2021, when the University confirmed this support package.

Claiming if your country moves from the Red list to Amber list

If you booked travel when your country was on the Red list, and it then moved to the Amber list, you can cancel your quarantine booking and claim a refund by contacting the quarantine hotel booking service directly.

If, due to the timing, you used the hotel quarantine, the University will refund your quarantine costs since your country was on the Red list when you booked your travel.

Please keep all your receipts and travel documents listed above.

If you returned home to a Red list country over summer

If you have not already received a payment from the University to support a previous stay in managed quarantine, you will be able to make a claim for financial support if you return to the UK to attend in-person teaching or research programmes in September 2021.

You are only able to make a single claim on one occasion when you travel to Dundee.

Other costs, for example Covid test costs

The University will be covering costs of managed quarantine accommodation for international students arriving from red list countries. New international students arriving from amber list countries who have a contract for University accommodation for this academic year will be able to book early arrival in their allocated University accommodation from 4 September at no cost. This is to enable them to complete any self-isolation that is required before the semester starts. Other costs related to PCR Covid tests which all travellers are required to take after they arrive in the UK cannot be covered by the University

I am travelling from an amber or green list country. What support can I expect?

For all new entrant international students matriculating for the first time in 2021/22 and arriving in Scotland, we will contribute to the cost of taxi fares from your Scottish port of arrival to Dundee (to a maximum of £75). You will be able to claim this money back after arrival and matriculation in Dundee - please ensure you have a receipt.

If you are travelling from (or through) an amber list country in the 10 days prior to arrival in the UK, you may need to self-isolate in your own accommodation. The requirement to self-isolate will depend on your vaccination status. Check the Scottish and UK Government webpages for more information and guidance on what you are required to do.

If you need to self-isolate in your accommodation on arrival in the UK we will support you during self-isolation. We will guide you on how to order online deliveries of food and other supplies and you will be supported by our friendly team of Enquiry Centre support advisers and international support team. Full details are on our website.

If you have booked University accommodation for the academic year you will also be able to arrange to arrive and move into your University accommodation early (from 4 September 2021) so that you can complete your self-isolation period before classes begin. There is no extra cost for University accommodation between 4 and 18 September, and you will also receive a Welcome parcel on arrival containing sufficient basic food for your first 24 hours of self-isolation, plus cleaning materials. You should book this early arrival for self-isolation through the Online Residences Service which you can access from eVision.

All students will have access locally to lateral flow devices to continue regular testing after they have completed self-isolation. Costs related to PCR Covid tests which all travellers (from green, amber and red list countries) are required to take cannot be covered by the University.

If you have any further questions, please contact:

Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions apply to refunds so please read our Key Facts document to check if you can apply.



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