Forward your office desk phone to your mobile / home

Updated on 9 December 2020

To help staff during the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak we've turned on the ability to forward desk IP phones to your mobile or home phone

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Sign in to MyPhone 

Go to to start the process. This service is a little sluggish and you may see a white screen for around 90 seconds after clicking Sign in

Use your short username to log in to this service


Enable call forwarding

  • Click Call forwarding on the menu on the left 
  • Tick the box Forward all calls to
  • Type 9 followed by your phone number into the box

You need to type 9 so the switchboard will forward to an outside line. Do not add any spaces. Your number should look like 907700912345

  • Click Save 

Ask a friend or colleague to try calling your extension to see if the forwarding has worked. Don't call from the number you're forwarding to.

A screenshot of the call forward screen

Who is 01382 385779?

All incoming calls will appear to come from a single University extension, this will help you identify which calls are being forwarded from your desk phone. 

Outgoing calls

Outgoing calls using your University extension are not possible. If you use your home or mobile to call you may wish to use 141 to hide your number if you prefer.

You can use Microsoft Teams to call other University staff.

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