Using face coverings on campus

Updated on 4 March 2021

How staff and students should use face coverings on campus to stay safe during the Covid-19 pandemic

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This page is part of a collection of guides which explain the steps we are taking to keep staff and students safe when they are on our campuses.

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The Scottish Government have mandated the use of face coverings in some specific areas that will affect some buildings and spaces on our campuses. Additional requirements are necessary at Ninewells - see below.

A face covering is not a form of PPE. It can be a basic, homemade mask, a scarf, or a disposable mask.

All staff and students will be provided with two washable masks. Students will receive this in their Welcome Pack or from their School Office. Staff can request these from their School or Directorate when they return to campus.

They come with full instructions of how to use and care for them. There are also disposable masks at the entrances of key buildings around the campus. We would ask that you dispose of these responsibly in general waste bins.

You must wear a face covering:

  • in any shop
  • in any library
  • in any gallery space
  • in any NHS managed properties as directed by local signage (for examples, Ninewells Campus and Dental Hospital).
  • on any public transport

Face coverings must also be worn in the following circumstances (except where someone is exempt from wearing a covering):

  • where people are moving about in corridors and indoor communal areas (including toilets)
  • in line with the current arrangements for public transport, where adults and young people aged 5 and over are travelling on public and dedicated college and University transport
  • all face to face teaching sessions regardless of physical distancing
  • wherever greater than 2m distance cannot be guaranteed. This includes where people are interacting face-to-face at 2m or less for any considerable time (more than a few minutes) or for any amount of time where there is close contact within 1m as part of a planned activity (in situations where this degree of close contact is required, a task-specific risk assessment will be needed).

In some circumstances the face covering required may be to a specific PPE standard. All of this will be detailed in the Risk Assessment which will be available to any staff or student from the person in charge of the activity.

Face masks at Ninewells

Fluid Resistant Face Masks (FRFM) are required to be worn at the Ninewells campus in all areas by all staff and students unless they have a legitimate exemption. Cloth face coverings, home made masks or visors are not acceptable at Ninewells. FRFM are available at all entrance points and should  be regularly changed as and when they become damp with use. 


Face coverings may be required in certain areas of dedicated student accommodation. You should follow the instructions from the student accommodation provider.

There are some exemptions permissible. Our staff may ask you to use a facemask but will not know about your exemption. Whilst you are not required to prove your exemption we ask that you help us to understand any issues so that we can ensure that you are adequately supported. Likewise, all of our staff and students should make themselves aware of the Scottish Government Guidance regarding facemask exemptions and approach any concerns about non-mask wearers with empathy.

Reporting non-compliance with Covid-19 rules

How staff and students should report non-compliance with Covid-19 rules