Extract grades from Grade Centre in My Dundee

Updated on 15 April 2020

You may need to extract the grades from the Grade Centre for entering to eVision. You will need to enter the data manually as we are not yet able to upload data to SITS.

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To get a .csv file of your grades from My Dundee:

  1. Access the Grade Centre from the Course Management section of the left hand menu.
grade centre interface pic
  1. Select the Full Grade Centre.
    From here, you’ll see the grade centre, with all columns.
  2. Select Work Offline
  3. Select download and either download all the data, or select particular columns.
grade centre interface
  1. Change the delimiter type to comma (it will still open in Excel if you forget, but it gives you an error message when you initially open it)
grade centre interface screenshot
  1. Click submit and you will get the link to the downloadable file.

Further resources on grading

Blackboard has a comprehensive set of resources on grading. These include information such as how to upload work that was marked offline, the use of smart views and other tasks.

The reference to rubrics on this page refers to Blackboard's (i.e. My Dundee) rubrics, not those used with Turnitin.


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