Report spam and phishing emails

Updated on 7 July 2023

Let Microsoft know each time you receive emails that are junk, may be trying to infect your computer or steal your login details

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You don't need to send these types of emails to anymore.

You may receive spam and phishing emails from compromised accounts and should also report these as described below.

Microsoft will block the sender and stop them emailing anyone with an account again.

Outlook Desktop Client

  1. Create a new blank email
  2. Drag and drop the suspicious email into the new email you've just created to add it as an attachment
    1. You can attach and report more than one email at a time, but make sure they're all the same type (either phishing or junk)
    2. Leave the body and subject line of the email blank
  3. Address the email to the right Microsoft team then click Send



Further info from TechNet Microsoft

Outlook on the Web‌

Mark the email as Junk or Phishing from the toolbar or drop-down next to Reply all. If you're using a mobile device, open the email and tap the three dots (...) to reach the Mark as junk / phishing selections.

Further info from Microsoft TechNet

Mobile app (Outlook, Mail, or other)

Most email apps don't let you forward as an attachment or offer selections to report emails as junk / phishing. Instead, when you open the email, you'll be given an option like:

  • Move to Spam (in Outlook app if you tap the three dots (...) in the top toolbar), or
  • Move to Junk (in Mail app if you tap the flag icon in the bottom toolbar) for example.

Use these options to transfer fraudulent emails out of your inbox and into your Junk Folder so you're less likely to interact with them. The next time you access your email through the Outlook Client or Outlook on the Web, go into your Junk Folder and report them to Microsoft using the instructions above.

Using the UoD Library app to get your emails? You can only delete or reply to emails in the app and should delete spam / phishing emails in the absence of other functionality.

Interacted with a spam or phishing email?

If you've clicked a link, replied to, or downloaded an attachment from a fraudulent email, follow the steps in our guide to protect your account and device.