Dealing with a Covid-19 outbreak on campus

Updated on 4 March 2021

How the University deals with a Covid-19 outbreak on campus

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The University has developed a robust Business Continuity Planning strategy which encompasses advice from Public Health Scotland and NHS Tayside. This will enable us to continue to deliver learning and teaching in the event of an outbreak of Covid-19 on campus.

Details of our Incident Management Action Plan are available in the Return to Campus Sharepoint pages

If you or someone you live with feels unwell and suspects that they are showing symptoms of Covid-19:

  • a persistent, continuous cough
  • a high temperature
  • a loss of sense of taste and smell

Then you must not come to campus. You must remain home and refer to the latest information and coronavirus guidance.

The University must report any suspected linked cases, or an increasing trend of staff sickness, to Public Health Scotland.

We require all staff and students to advise us when they are showing symptoms of Covid-19 or if they have a confirmed positive test result. You should stay home and report your symptoms or confirmed results using the Self-Reporting Form which can be found at the link below.

Covid-19 Self Reporting Form

This information will be shared with Public Health Scotland and they will help us understand the magnitude of the cases and will help us to determine the appropriate action to take. In all cases, we will follow the instructions from Public Health Scotland and we will put our contingency plans into place.

You can find out about how your data will be used in the privacy notice below. 

Test and Protect and Covid-19 Information - Privacy Notice


If your workplace closes and you are asked to work from home, your School or Directorate will follow their Business Continuity Plan. Ensure that you have discussed this with your Line Manger in advance and ensure you understand what you have to do.

Please follow the Covid-19 lockdown Checklist for Staff before you leave your building. This checklist provides you with some helpful reminders about what you will need to take with you and how to leave your office spaces in a safe state.


If your place of study closes, you will be able to access the necessary content online. Your School or Advisor of Studies will be in touch to explain what will happen and how to access your modules.

Staff and students

In the majority of cases, we would expect that a typical localised lock down would not exceed more than three weeks. In that period your School or Directorate will keep in touch with you about progress.

If the lockdown is up to three weeks we will be able to move you back into your building as quickly as possible and you can resume your normal work / study pattern.

If the local lockdown is for a longer period we may have to take some additional safety precautions to reopen your property safely. In both cases we will issue a clear date of when you can go back to campus.