Create or reset your P3 password to access legacy payslips

Updated on 11 October 2022

For legacy payslips only - If you have forgotten your password, or are using the system for the first time

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P3 has been decommissioned - download old payslips/P60s now

OneUniversity HR has launched. P3 has been decommissioned as of 30 September

You should download any pay documents you wish to retain for future use now, as they will not be easily accessible after this date.

Employee Self Service is part of our HR and Payroll system, P3. This uses a different password to your normal University password.

You will need to create a password the first time you use the system by following the instructions below.

If you have forgotten your existing password, the instructions are the same.

Create / reset your password

  1. On the login screen, click or tap Login Assistance
    A screenshot of the login screen for online payslips, with the Login Assistance link highlighted
  2. In the Forgot Password box, type your university username, without

Use your University username without

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  1. Check your email for an email from P3Account with the subject FYI: Password Reset.
    This may take up to five minutes to arrive and, for security, will contain your name and the time you requested a password reset
  2. Click the Reset your password link in the email 
  3. Fill in your short username, and create a new password using the rules below
P3 password guidance

Your P3 password is different from your normal University password

It has to contain

  • a minimum of 14 characters
  • at least one letter
  • at least one number

It cannot contain

  • your username
  • repeating characters (for example, Dundee repeats the letter e)

You cannot reuse a password you have used for P3 before.

  1. You can now log in to P3 using your new password

Reset your forgotten password

If you have forgotten your password for P3, you should follow the same instructions as above. Remember your P3 password is different to your normal University password.

Password is not valid

If you receive this error, make sure you have followed the password rules above. These are different than to normal University password rules.

Too many requests error

If you receive an error saying Too many pending requests exist you've already requested a password reset. The email may take up to 5 minutes to arrive and you should check your junk or clutter folders if you still have not seen it. If you have not received an email within 15 minutes please contact the Service Desk.

Log in to Employee Self Service