Change or leave your room in University accommodation

There are limited opportunities to change rooms, or you can move out subject to conditions

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Transfer opportunities are limited. You may only move out of University Accommodation or transfer from one location to another, if you have permission from the Residences Office.

A £25 administration charge is payable once a transfer has been arranged. The Transfer Request form is available from late September / early October. 

Transfer to alternative University accommodation

If you wish to transfer to alternative University Accommodation, please complete the Residences Transfer Request form.

Your request will be recorded and you will be contacted if/when a suitable vacancy becomes available.

Students who reside within University Accommodation between June and late August, should contact the Residences Office directly to discuss transfer options available.

Transfer to private accommodation

If you are currently in University Accommodation and wish to move to the private sector, remember:

  • You have already signed and agreed to pay residence fees for the period of your lease. You will remain responsible for the payment of residences fees even if you move out before the end of the Licence Agreement period.
  • The only way to avoid this is to find a suitable and acceptable replacement student who is not currently living in University Accommodation.
  • Sometimes the Residences Office are able to find such replacements, but you can also suggest a replacement yourself.
  • It is your responsibility to find suitable private accommodation yourself.

Please complete the Residences Transfer Request form to indicate your wish to transfer to private accommodation.

All transfer requests will be recorded and you will be contacted if/when a suitable vacancy becomes available.

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