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We are moving cloud storage from Box to OneDrive. Box is now read-only and you will no longer have access from 1 September.

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Box is no longer in use

From Friday 7 August at 6pm – you won’t be able to make any more changes to your Box files

Tuesday 1 September – you won’t be able to access your Box files any longer

What do you need to do?

Check your files

If you already use your University OneDrive account (this service has always been available to you), you will notice a folder named ‘B’. This contains all your existing Box files. Please check over the content to ensure everything has been copied across as expected.

Should you find you do not have all your files, please contact Help4U.

Review your file permissions

Your folder structure will be preserved, and during the final migration all internal collaboration permissions will be copied across. Any documents shared with external users will no longer be available through the current links. Upon completion of the final migration, the owners of these documents will need to re-share any active document with the external user.

To see who a file or folder is shared with in OneDrive, read Microsoft’s online guidance.

Redirect your external links

On Tuesday 1 September your Box account will no longer be active. Any links to Box in documents and web pages should be updated to point to the new location in OneDrive.

If you are not familiar with how to share OneDrive files and folders, please read Microsoft’s online guidance.

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18 September 2020