Assistive software available on campus computers

Updated on 9 December 2020

A range of software is available to support students and staff, including those who have visual and hearing impairments, dyslexia, or other disabilities

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We've outlined some of the most used assistive software on offer below. If you'd like more details about the assistive software available to you, contact our Accessibility and Usability Adviser via the Service Desk.


Mindview is one of the world's leading mind mapping software packages. It lets you visualise your project so you can plan and manage your work more effectively. You can also track and store resources and references in MindView, and various personalisation options are available. Mindview has enhanced Microsoft Office integration, meaning you can easily export your projects into various formats.

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Audio Notetaker

Audio Notetaker allows you to capture and manage audio recordings of your lectures so you can use them to revise. You are encouraged to audio capture your lectures by University policy. Recordings made with Audio Notetaker can be synchronised with lecture PowerPoint slides loaded onto My Dundee, annotated with relevant notes and references, and even colour coordinated to highlight particularly important sections.

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Read&Write is a literacy software toolbar that makes your interactions with documents, web content, and e-Books much easier if you have dyslexia and/or reading difficulties. It contains many features, such as spell checking and dictionary options. The Text-to-Speech engine reads documents out loud to you, acting as a proofreader to help improve the quality of your written work. You'll find the screen masking feature helpful if you have a condition like Visual Stress because it lets you apply a coloured overlay to the computer screen.

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Stuart and Heather computer voices

Text-to-Speech doesn't have to sound robotic. Stuart and Heather are two Scottish English voice packages you can use to make your learning experience a little more real. These voices are more natural sounding and can be used with software like Read&Write to improve your interactions with documents/web content. You can also use your account to get the voices on your own computer for free.

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