Apply to the Higher Education Childcare Fund

Updated on 2 December 2021

If you are a student who has childcare costs, find out how the Higher Education Childcare Fund may be able to help

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Undergraduate students

If you are an undergraduate student with registered childcare costs, you can apply to the Higher Education Childcare Fund. This will be for a contribution towards your registered childcare costs which we pay direct to your childcare provider on a monthly basis. Our priority is to provide a contribution towards registered childcare costs during term time.

If you are receiving the childcare element of Working Tax Credit or Universal Credit, we expect you to maximise that entitlement before considering applying for the Higher Education Childcare Fund.

Application deadlines

You will need to apply for assistance towards your childcare each semester. 

The deadline for applications to the HE Childcare Fund in Semester 2 2020/21 is Friday 14 May 2021.

Applications for childcare assistance received after this date will be rejected.

Postgraduate students

If you are a postgraduate student, who has received funding for a Tuition Fee Loan from SAAS for your course, you can also apply to the HE Childcare Fund, providing you have taken the maximum student loan to which you are entitled.

Single parents

If you are a single parent and have applied to SAAS for the Lone Parent Grant (LPG), you can apply to us for the Lone Parent Childcare Grant (LPCG) of £1215 which goes towards your registered childcare costs.

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