Add YuJa videos to your course content

Updated on 19 May 2020

Learn how to add YuJa videos to your course content

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There are two ways to have YuJa videos linked in to your module in My Dundee:

  • as a video within a course content page


  • through the tool link that opens up directly to your YuJa module videos

Adding videos within course content

To add a video within a course content page, you'll need to go to your course and the page where you would like to add your video.

Adding Mashup

  1. Create or edit the item in the location that you would like to add your YuJa content within your course
  2. Select the Mashup dropdown, and YuJa Media chooser

Selecting Media

  1. Scroll down to the media search area and enter the search title or description term
  2. Select the media (highlighted in green) and click Insert Videos
  3. Click Submit to confirm changes

Your video will now appear in that content page. 

Adding a tool link to your module

  1. Open the module that you want to add YuJa to
  2. In the content area at the top on the left-hand side, click the + icon, select Tool Link
  3. Give the tool link a useful name such as ‘YuJa video channel’
  4. From the Type dropdown select YuJa and tick the checkbox to make Available to Users if you want it available immediately
  5. Click Submit 
  6. When you click on the Tool link it will launch the YuJa area within your My Dundee module

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