Accessing Disabled Students’ Adjustments on eVision

Updated on 5 September 2023

Access the reasonable adjustments required for disabled students who have registered with Disability Services via the ‘Disability Support’ section on eVision.

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All staff can access the reasonable adjustments required for disabled students who have registered with Disability Services via the ‘Disability Support’ section on eVision. 

Screen grab of Evision showing the button for disability support circled in red

If staff do not have access to eVision, they should log a call with UoD IT to request this.

In the Disability Support section, staff can access students’ adjustments in two ways:

  • via Disability Class List by inputting a module code to generate a list of all students requiring adjustments on that module 
  • via Support Statement by inputting matriculation numbers of individual students 

The total number of disabled students that appear on class lists may be greater than the number of students who have adjustments listed, as not all students who disclose a disability to the University (e.g. on their UCAS application) are registered with Disability Services. This means that no individual adjustments are required unless these are listed, although staff should teach and assess as inclusively as possible to accommodate the likely range of learner needs in their class. Further information and training on inclusive practice is available from Disability Services.

Staff can also access students’ adjustments via the Staff Content section on eVision by generating a Module/Class List Report to view a list of all students in each module who require individual adjustments. However, some students with temporary adjustments may incorrectly appear on this list as it is not automatically updated when such adjustments end. It is therefore recommended that Class List reports are generated via the Disability Class List option noted above.

Consent to share adjustments

Disabled students’ adjustments are entered onto eVision when students register with Disability Services and are assessed as requiring individual adjustments for teaching or assessment purposes. All students who have adjustments listed on eVision will have given Disability Services their written consent to share their adjustments with University staff. This information should therefore be shared with all teaching and administrative staff on the student’s module/s to enable the implementation of identified adjustments.

Option 1 - accessing adjustments via Disability Class List

Once logged into eVision, select the Disability Support section to view the module called Disability Support Officers

Screenshot of menu showing Disability Support Officers is selected
  • Enter the module code in uppercase (for example, AB11004).

This option allows staff to enter the module code and academic year in the boxes provided which will generate a class list by pressing ‘Run Process’. If students are registered with Disability Services and have individual adjustments in place, the required adjustments will be listed next to their names on the class list. Note that this option provides an accurate class list for those students with temporary adjustments as it is automatically updated when such adjustments end.

Only data for the selected academic year will be displayed.

Screenshot to show a report being run by module code - this is entered in the 'Module Code' field

Option 2 - accessing adjustments via Support Statement

If the Support Statement option is selected, the following screen should appear:

Screenshot to show how to access disability support statement. There is a field to type in student's matriculation number.

This option allows staff to enter the student’s matriculation number in the box marked ‘Student Code’ which will generate the individual adjustments required for that student by pressing ‘Retrieve’ (see Figure 3).

The retrieved information will show:

Student Code

'Matriculation Number’

Student Name

'Student Name'

Disability Support Statement

'Adjustments for teaching and assessment will be listed in this box'


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