Access your Payslip or P60 using Employee Self Service

Updated on 21 April 2022

You can view your payslips and / or P60s online using our new service. This replaces paper payslips.

On this page

Payslips/P60s are delivered via Employee Self Service. This is part of our HR and Payroll system, P3.

Non-standard password

P3 uses a different password to your standard University login.

If you access P3 from home / off campus you need to use your standard password first, then your P3 password.

Access P3 from home / remotely

  1. Visit the P3 web page
  2. You will probably be asked to Sign in with a Azure Account
  3. Log in using your standard University username and password (if you are not already logged in)
  4. Skip to step 2 below

Log in to P3

  1. Visit the P3 web page
  2. You will see the following screen
    A screenshot of the login screen for online payslips, featuring an Oracle wordmark and a white globe
First time using Employee Self Service?

If this is your first time using Employee Self Service, you will need to create a P3 password before you can log in

Create or reset your P3 password
  1. Log in using your short username and P3 password

Use your short username without to access P3

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  1. On the left of the screen, under Main Menu, click the + symbol next to UOD Employee Self Service
  2. You'll see the options for Payslip or P60
    A screen shot of the main menu of the payslip web page, once the menu is expanded
  3. Click or tap the option you wish to view

View your payslip

  1. On the left of the screen, under Main Menu, click the + symbol next to UOD Employee Self Service
  2. Click or tap Payslip
  3. You will see your most recent payslip by default

View an older payslip

If you wish to view a different payslip you can use the drop down menu in the top left

A screenshot showing the menu to select a different payslip


If you need help understanding your payslip you can view understanding your payslip for a guide to what each section means.

If you have further questions you can email

View your P60

  1. On the left of the screen, under Main Menu, click the + symbol next to UOD Employee Self Service
  2. Click or tap P60
  3. You will be shown a list of available P60s
  4. Click or tap the radio button next to the P60 you wish to view
    A screenshot of the option to choose your P60. The 2019 year is selected.
  5. Click or tap View Report
  6. Depending on your device, a PDF will either open in your browser or will download to your device
  7. You can now view or print your P60 as required

Problems logging in

Remember your P3 password is different to your normal University password.

You need to use your standard password to reach the P3 login page from home / remotely, and then use the P3 password to log in to P3 itself.

If you have forgotten either password you can reset them yourself:

Please contact the Service Desk if you are having trouble accessing the system and cannot solve it using the guides above.

Questions about my payslip

If you have any queries relating to the structure, content, or values displayed on your Payslip and/or P60, or if you are unable, due to non-technical reasons to use the online functionality, please contact the Payroll Office directly

Print or save a copy of your payslips

Once you have opened your payslip, click or tap printable version.

You can then print a copy by

  • Pressing CTRL + P (Windows) or ⌘ + P (MacOS) on your keyboard
  • Use the print option on your mobile device, often found under the “Share” icon

You can also save to PDF by choosing Save to PDF as your printer.

If you are experiencing usability/accessibility issues

Please contact the Payroll Office to discuss your available options via

If you have an employee or colleague without internet access

Please ask their line manager to contact in the first instance for assistance.

Leaving the University

Your access to the HR system will remain in place for 35 days after your date of leaving to allow you to access your payslips.

View your online payslip / P60