Zoë Arlidge-Lyon

Graphic Design BDes (Hons)

I enjoy working across various mediums, from motion graphics to editorial design, exploring socio-political issues and encouraging social betterment.


While at DJCAD, I have enjoyed working across a wide range of mediums, exploring and pushing the parameters of whatever I’m working on to create thought-provoking, conceptual designs. 

During my final year, I undertook three briefs: one for the Royal Society of Arts (RSA), another for the International Society of Typographic Designers (ISTD), and a personal project.

It was important to me that my work carried a message of social betterment so through each project I tackled various societal issues. Despite this more serious focus, I also implemented playful and interactive elements into my designs to engage the viewer.

My RSA motion graphic, ‘Act Together, Vote Together,’ focused on political polarisation and its threat to democracy. Using the symbol of a ripped ballot paper, it encouraged the audience to vote to help solve the issues of today.

My ISTD publication, 'The Language of (un)Truth' explored the influence of George Orwell’s ‘Nineteen Eighty-Four’ on society. Through aesthetic nods to oppressive regimes and documents of absolute truth, the publication echoes Orwell's encouragement to seek truth in our world overrun by disinformation.

For my personal project, I designed the identity, packaging and advertising for a brand of gender inclusive period products called ‘JUST’, created for everyone who menstruates including transgender and non-binary individuals. It focused on inclusivity, authenticity, transparency and tackling taboos surrounding menstruation.

Act Together, Vote Together

An animation that explores how political divisions in society pose a threat to democracy using the symbol of a ripped ballot paper and how we must overcome them by engaging in the democratic process to metaphorically reconstruct the ballot paper and create a better world.

The Language of (un)Truth

A white book with the title 'The Language of Truth' partially inside a red transparent slipcase on a black background.
An open book on a red background. The book and white and black pages with large blackletter type reading 'Language' on the left page.

A publication exploring the influence of George Orwell’s novel ‘Nineteen Eighty-Four’ on society. It looks at the use of deceptive language generally in everyday life, in politics, and surrounding technology. The publication encourages the reader, like Orwell did in his novel, to seek truth in a world overrun by disinformation.


Three semi-transparent boxes stacked together. Two are blue and red boxes of pads and one is a yellow and red box of tampons.

Menstruation has traditionally been viewed as a female issue and, therefore, the branding of period products has always been overtly feminine. However, not everyone who menstruates is a woman or identifies with the femininity portrayed on typical period product packaging. JUST is a gender inclusive brand of period products created to include and ease discomfort for transgender and gender non-conforming people in the discourse surrounding menstruation. The brand focuses on transparency in the literal sense through its use of transparent packaging to tackle the taboo surrounding period products, and metaphorically with its use of clear, gender neutral language and authentic photography.

Three large transparent posters on a shop window promoting JUST period products. Two posters are text based and one features a portrait of a transgender man.
Transparent poster on a billboard featuring a portrait of a non-binary person. The text reads ‘Just for them’
A transparent sign reading ‘No Gender, JUST period products’, with colourful gradients in the background.