Yu Mei

Architecture with Urban Planning RIBA Part 2 MArch (Hons)

THE GROWING CURVE: Enhancing the communities’ mental and physical health through reconnecting the urban environment to its natural landscape and biodiversity.


Compared to modernist and functionalist architecture, biophilic architecture advocates incorporating nature into building spaces to contribute to the health and well-being of occupants.

The project aims to create an active landscape space in Blairgowrie by extending the current tourism route and landscape design in the south riverbank industrial area, creating a sustainable community and a context for interaction that benefits all ages of residents, tourists, and the ecosystem. It will propose a series of built interventions designed to create opportunities to engage with this re-established landscape.

This design proposal introduces a series of incidents along the River Ericht, including a viewing platform, services point, well-being community, and tourist attraction.

Through redesigning the street and housing and creating more pedestrian areas and a public realm, the riverside is occupied by humans rather than vehicles, which allows people to have a place to gather. The outdoor green space enhances communication between residents the connection between people and the natural environment, provides plenty of facilities and places to exercise, and contributes to the biodiversity and the mental and physical health of the community.


Architectural drawings

Walking experience in the garden.


Architectural drawings

Design Strategy

Architectural drawings

Future Vision Collage

Architectural drawings

Industrail Area Proposal

Architectural drawings

Service Centre Proposal

Architectural drawings


Architectural drawings

Section A-A

Architectural drawings

This section demonstrates how the community connects with the existing walking route on the north riverside, and the roof garden blends in with the natural environment through the ramps.

Section B-B

Architectural drawings

Illustration of the activities inside and outside the building, and people connect with nature through roof gardens and green space.